How Interview Coordinator will help recruiters place more and better candidates.

Recruiters Using Interview Coordinators

Interview Coordinator is ideal for headhunters and recruitment agencies as it allows you to provide a value-add service to your clients, while also benefitting yourself.

By offering your clients an effective software solution to reduce the time and administration of conducting a recruitment campaign, you can work together to find the ideal candidate much more efficiently.

The easy to use and intuitive collaboration software will allow your customers to review your selections, offer effective feedback, and coordinate internally between decision makers, all from one platform. You will have any easy way to pass on information and a better opportunity to react to enhanced feedback.

The system coordinates multiple client stakeholders and records all the opinions on the candidates you put forward. No more chasing multiple people by email or telephone, all contributors can just update the system and its there for you to see.

Interview Coordinator doesn’t seek to replace your own talent management systems. It’s designed to be used by your client to manage their side of a recruitment campaign. They will have a central store for all campaign information and instantly be able to monitor progress. Everything will be in the system, ready for them to use.

By using on-line pre-interview questions and text and/or video responses the client will be able to screen and review more candidates more efficiently, widening client choice and reducing the chances that an ideal candidate slips through the net.

Interview Coordinator will help you and your client to fill the vacancy more quickly. It will also give you more and better client feedback and help make you look even more professional.

Interview Coordinator is supplied over the internet as a Software as a Service (SaaS) meaning it is available instantly with no installation or software setup and the usage fees are minimal when compared to any normal recruitment budget.

So whether you give Interview Coordinator to your clients as part of your existing service or recommend they use it internally (and earn royalties) both you and your clients will see the many benefits of a more efficient recruitment process.

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