Interview Coordinators is a complete video interview and candidate management solution designed to make recruitment campaigns easier, quicker, less costly and produce better results. The comprehensive applicant tracking facilities will be used by hiring managers, recruitment agencies, candidates and all other campaign stakeholders and will completely streamline your hiring process. It will help you collaborate with colleagues whether they are in the same office or in multiple different locations around the world. It will centrally record all the documentation, information, feedback and opinion generated by your recruitment campaign. And how many times have you known a candidate is not right within the first couple of minutes of an interview? Interview Coordinators' is a fantastic way to generate instant online video interviews. Why waste hours interviewing candidates that don't fit? Simply email your questions to candidates, have them record responses via webcam, and then just review, grade, share and compare the videos wherever, whenever and with whom you want! Interview Coordinator will maintain a comprehensive record of the whole recruitment process and allow you to refer to similar historical campaigns. It will provide valuable management information and effortlessly update managers on campaign progress. And much more ..... call us now to arrange a free no obligation demonstration or a 60 day free trial.

Interview Coordinator

Picking the right people is a key element in business success and the recruitment and interview process is obviously fundamental. However, hiring people takes a significant amount of time and organisation.

Interview Coordinator is designed to make your recruitment campaigns easier and more efficient. It is an intuitive, low cost, pay as you use software system available through any browser.

Interview Coordinator is a complete interview management and applicant tracking solution aimed at the modern business. It will reduce administration, eliminate duplication of effort and reduce the work involved in selecting new talent.


Interview Coordinator will help you make better hiring decisions using integrated video interview technology.

By using video to connect with and evaluate candidates, hiring managers and other campaign contributors will save time, greatly reduce travel overheads and eliminate scheduling limitations.

Compared to traditional hiring practices, the benefits are instant and cost savings significant. Simply email candidates your questions and have them respond via webcam. You can then review, rate and share the responses wherever, whenever and with whomever you want.